Facebook rolls out QR Codes feature

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I logged into my Facebook account a few minutes back and saw this new feature right under my profile picture. Twitter is all in a tizzy with people wondering what this is all about. A QR code, or a Quick Response code is a 2D bar codeĀ that when read by a camera phone equipped with the requisite software, launches the urlĀ the code is linked to immediately. Which means you can now generate a QR code for yourself using the information on your Facebook page and can then share that data by means of, say a QR code printed on a greeting card (or your backpack, if you really want to be found). You can also have your QR printed on your Business Cards or resume ( seeing that checking out a candidate’s Facebook profile does figure in most recruiter’s background check-list these days anyway). Right now, my QR generator is not working so I cannot check just how much information from our profiles we’re talking about here. Shall keep you all posted on developments.

Update: It’s been two hours and the QR codes that were taken off after a mere 15 odd mins are still not back. There has been no communication from FB regarding the implementation yet.